Monday, January 21, 2008

dont hate in 08/carmen33

So this is my new signature. The year needed a motto, and I needed a name. The plan? Not yet formed.

As my friends, family, acquaintances, and training partners know, I have a bit of an attitude problem. The toddler in me wants all to know that I do what I want to do. I wanted to do ironman, so I did. I wanted--and decided, long before Ironman was finished--to totally take a break from training after the race and party on, dude.

Well, I did run the Richmond marathon the week after Ironman. BUT only because I love the race and because my sister was running her first marathon (and her first run EVER longer than 13.1 miles, God bless her!)

Goal accomplished. That is, of ,party on, dude.

So, I figured life would take shape again when classes resumed January 14. The wrench thrown in my plan--classes cancelled due to low enrollment. So, I've been "gettin my Hondo on steady" ever since. The upside is that this may be the kick in the pants I need to do something full-time, or as many of us refer to it, "real."


In the past two months, I've gone running twice, bought a new car, had a job shift, buried a pet, worked my ass off, and celebrated Christmas, the new year, and my thirty-third year of life. I've reconnected with my wonderful friends and coworkers who thought I'd fallen off the planet in the past year. One major bonus: I've read more than I had in the past two years combined (going from about a book every week or two to a book every day or two.) BUT I've also gained about fifteen pounds and had a hard time getting anything accomplished besides reading or going to work (especially, read: training.)

The wonderful truth about being a human being is that as much as we try to achieve balance, things constantly shift. We think we want things to stay the same, but, really. No.

Do I have major training goals for 2008? Nope.
Do I want to work a little, play a little, race a little? Absolutely.

I'm feeling less lofty, but more human. I'm trying to wallow in moderation. whereas I usually go full throttle in opposite directions.

Plus, I've been getting some smacktalk from the boys.


SusieQ said...

It is SO good to read a blog from my writing goddess friend.
Miss you!!


TriGirl 40 said...

I second SQ!

Cyndi said...

You just made my night! I was so happy to see your post and get me some "Carmen" or Carmen33 I suppose. Hmmm, perhaps I will begin signing my posts as Cyndi21 since we are putting our age behind our names. ;)


PS- Derek says he needs himself some Carmen, too! We're all missing you!

shannon said...

about freakin' time. my life has been so blogless between both of my never-posting siblings! yay! let's run a race together!

triathlonmom said...

Carmen. Miss you lots. Please come to TRIgirl kick off Feb. 17th.

Promise me you'll do Sandman!!! Oh, and I know you want to to Ch'ville to.

Trigirl kate o said...

She's alive! I was wondering if I'd see you by the taco truck this semester...
We miss you dearly.

fave said...

carmen? is that you?
i thought you were abducted by aliens in Florida!
Glad you are doign well and enjoying life! Don't be a stranger! xoxo