Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fat and Lazy...

Wow. I can't belive I finished Ironman in November. If I told anyone who didn't know me, they would totally think I was lying. I thing that since finsihing the Ironman (and, of course, running the Richmond Marathon the following week,) my workouts have included two two-mile runs, a six mile run, a half-hour swim, and a cycling class. Oh yeah, I may have gone for a walk a few times, as well.

Is this what we call burnout? Granted, I've been living la vida loca, translated as the restaurant lifestyle--working late, enjoying a couple of wines or beers, sleeping in... until the next "double" takes its toll.

As my favorite kitchen guy Paul would say, "Seriously."

Seriously, I have abondened all good habits for slovenly ones. Went from Ironman to Areyoukiddingmeyoureallythinkicouldwalkamile?isntitsleetingorsomething?girl.

I have pipe dreams about the upcoming season, but I'm not ready to face them.


Congratulations to Mom and Dad, who once again ran the Colonial Half in ridiculous weather conditions (aka winter.)
And the Beebs, who makes it to the gym on a regular basis for Eagleman training.
And Lolly, who is maintaining even though she's not training for anything at all right now.
And the guys from Dyron's training blog, who havent quite managed to motivate me, although they make me think about it!
And Anna, who runs. Long.
And the TRIgirls and Maramarc folk who keep on keepin on.
And SanDee J. Gammon who still calls me for a workout, even though she knows I often fall through.
That's how I know, even though I'm slacking now, that I WILL BE BACK.
Just don't push me...

I love you all.

Carmen Leah Hamlin